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Make an art statement with Color Time on your iPhone. Originally created as a wrist watch by Tian Harlan, it expresses another way of thinking about time: Time as color.

Zeitgeist to the very second: what distinguishes our culture today, is the development of an ever more precise sense of time, and a tendency to organize our whole lives on an exact schedule. The clock as a time machine has become a decisive machine in our civilization. The clock dictates the time - and not the reverse. We no longer eat just when we are hungry or when we have the time or inclination. We eat at 8 am on the dot, at 12 noon and 7 pm.

On a chronometer, time is shown by hands and numerals. On the Color Time clock, the face is not a dial but a color time circle, over which a black disk revolves with a piece cut out as large as a color segment. The disk revolves with the speed of one color area per hour, creating a smooth transition. The segment cut out indicates the time. If, for example, this stands on yellow, it is 12 noon. As time gets to the next hour, an increasing segment of the next color is exposed.

According to this philosophy Color Time on your iPhone implements the following features:

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