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About airbit

airbit specializes in software development for mobile phones. Our product portfolio includes development tools, applications, and engineering & consulting services. Following the tradition of the Swiss engineering discipline, we attach importance to intelligent function, good design, minimal resource use and of course high quality products.

Software products developed by airbit are in use worldwide. They are highly accepted by users and the industry for their performance and technical excellence. Located in Herrliberg near Zürich, Switzerland, airbit operates in a city known for its technical accomplishments in the software development industry.


airbit  was founded in March 2008 as a corporation (Aktiengesellschaft). Despite its youth, it is not literally a startup company due to the vast experience of its founders in the mobile industry. Two of the founders have previously successfully led enterprises in mobile communication and software development. airbit also benefits from previous development efforts of its predecessors.

Let's program it

airbit would like to promote the same dynamic development in mobile phones that already exists on the PC and Internet through open standards, free development tools, fair licensing and of course the many talented developers around the globe. One of our contributions to this area is our free mobile phone development tool mShell. The part of mobile phones that becomes fully accessible to a large group of programmers is relatively small (those using Symbian OS), but this part is amongst the most interesting ones. If justified by success and permitted by our resources, airbit will port m to other platforms.

Intelligent applications

The mobile phone's rich hardware features, its extended communication capabilities and the fact that it is always on and within reach, clearly ask for extended and complementary applications. We believe there are many opportunities for innovative products. We would like to bring highly efficient applications to the market, precisely tailored for a specific purpose. An example for this is mVNC. This remote control product was initially unique on the market; now we see a real boom of remote control software being used for visualization in education, support and sales.


We are software engineers wholeheartedly! Our broad and deep experience in software development and mobile communications has been applied to several highly technical customer projects. Our focus and competence concentrate on the mobile phone, with preferred platforms iPhone OS, Android.  Main focuses are seamless integration and intelligent use of mobile phones in its close digital environment, such as home electronics or car and airplane infotainment systems.

Your contact person at airbit

Jürg Bühler

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