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Finger Mingle is the ultimate iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ challenge, testing your cleverness and finger flexibility to solve a series of exciting puzzles. The simple goal of placing colored buttons on their checkpoints suddenly becomes tricky, forcing you and your partner to move, bend, and twist your fingers like never imagined. Furthermore, the limited screen surface naturally requires some fun finger mingling and closeness, perhaps the perfect ice-breaker for a first date.

Whether playing alone or with a partner, Finger Mingle is guaranteed to bring much laughter and a fascination with the art of finger mingling. Featuring over 50 levels, the beautifully crafted game surfaces will keep you excited and motivated to master them all.



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FingerMingle Icon Valentine   FingerMingle Valentine's Edition
   The Valentine's Day version of the game.
   The ultimate flirting game.

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